Staff Directory

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-723-2421.

Staff Directory
Mrs. H. Gillson Rm 124 Kindergarten  
Mrs. R. Anderson Rm 124 Kindergarten DECE  
Mrs. M. Kuzmicki Rm 125 Kindergarten  
Mrs. K. Holland Rm 125 Kindergarten DECE  
Ms. A. Hicks Rm 126 Kindergarten  
Mrs. S. Cagan Rm 126 Kindergarten DECE  
Ms. K. Kehoe (LTO) Rm 127 Kindergarten   
Ms. S. English Rm 127 Kindergarten DECE  
Mrs. L. Casimiri Rm 112 Kindergarten   
Mrs. C. Basile Rm 112 Kindergarten DECE  
Ms. J. Molloy Rm 113 Kindergarten  
Mrs. J. Ambra Rm 218 Grade 1  
Mrs. M. Casey Rm 114 Grade 1  

Mrs. S. Powers

(LTO R. Purcell)

Rm 209 Grade 1  
Ms. S. Calderbank Rm 213 Grade 2  
Mrs. T. Edey Rm 214 Grade 2  
Mrs. S. Stone Rm 215 Grade 2  
Ms. A. Roach Rm 216 Grade 2  
Mrs. A. Huxter Rm 217 Grade 3  
Mrs. K. Murphy Rm 219 Grade 3  
Mrs. B. Easter Rm 211 Grade 3  
Mrs. M. Michaud-Weniger Portable 1 Grade 3  
Ms. M. Hurst Portable 7 Grade 4  
Mr. S. Landry Portable 8 Grade 4  
Mrs. M. Pereira-Landry Portable 3 Grade 4/5  
Ms. B. Pereira Portable 5 Grade 5  
Mrs. C. Corso Portable 6 Grade 5  
Mr. D. Atkinson Portable 2 Grade 6  
Mrs. N. MacLean Portable 4 Grade 6  
Mrs. S. Thomas Portable 9 Grade 7  
Mrs. L. Vance Portable 10 Grade 7  
Mr. P.  Bradley Portable 11 Grade 7  
Mr. G. Johnston Rm 220 Grade 8  
Mrs. L. McAvoy Rm 201 Grade 8  
Mrs. S. Palumbo Rm 129 Program Support Teacher 55108
Mrs. T. McAlinden Rm 129 Program Support Teacher 55108
Ms. B. MacLean  Rm 203/212 Learning Commons, Curriculum Coverage Teacher   41852
Ms. C. Colligan  Rm 219 Curriculum Coverage Teacher  
Mrs. J. Ryan  Rm 219 Curriculum Coverage Teacher  
Mrs. A. Garofalo   Rm 219  French as a Second Language  
Mrs. S. Smith  Rm 219 French as a Second Language  
Ms. J. McKeown  Rm 219 Curriculum Coverage Teacher  
Mrs. K. Knill   Educational Assistant  
Mrs. M. Marakovic   Educational Assistant  
Mrs. S. Mak   Educational Assistant  
Mr. D. Mazza   Educational Assistant  
Mrs. A. Brazil   Educational Assistant  
Ms. E. Peddie   Educational Assistant  
Mrs. J. Gill   Educational Assistant  
Mrs. A. Ajala   Educational Assistant   
Ms. K. Soderstrom   Educational Assistant  
Ms. T. Thompson   Educational Assistant  
Mrs. M. Rocchio-Cole Office Admin. Assistant  55100

Ms. L. Johnson


Admin. Assistant  55100

Mr. Jim MacNeil


Principal  55100
Mrs. Jennifer Liuzzi Office Vice Principal  55100
Mr. Bill Armstrong   Custodian  41969
Mr. S. Hoover   Custodian  
Mr. Mauricio Yepes   Custodian  
Ms. A. Owen   Custodian  

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