Posted Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Female students playing rugby and #RowanLawDayIn honour of the memory of Rowan Stringer, “ Rowan’s Law  Day” is commemorated on September 25 to raise awareness about concussions in sports. While the effects of a concussion are usually short-term, a concussion can lead to long-lasting symptoms and long-term effects.
Learn to recognize the signs of concussions in others – signs and symptoms of a concussion can included:
ringing in the ears;
memory loss;


Posted Friday, September 06, 2019

The Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (DCPIC) is seeking nominations for Parent Representatives and three (3) Community Representatives on the committee beginning October 2019.  We are looking for strong supporters of Catholic Education who have:
Experience working with a local Catholic School Council;
An understanding of the importance of parent, family and community engagement gained through a professional or volunteer experience;


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